November 19, 2012

Keep Warm and Snuggle Up

The first wisps of snow have yet to land on the ground, but I am already freezing cold and clinging to hot drinks. I am sooooo cold, all the time, and I am thus dreading the start of what is rumored to be a bad winter. I spent most of my day today viciously shivering and making it quite clear to everyone at the office that I am so over cute blouses and three-quarter length cardigans. They are just not cutting it anymore. I am so cold!

I am so cold in fact, that I tomorrow I will be taking advantage of my ability to work from home. What a luxurious plan I have in mind: Lu Lu Lemon yoga pants, a gigantic hooded sweatshirt that zips up to my chin, and the thickest pair of slippers that money can buy. I am not risking another day of tapping my icicle-like fingers against my keyboard - nope, tomorrow I will be keeping warm by snuggling up at home!

Photo Credit: Favim

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