November 13, 2012


I am not normally a fan of mustaches. They are prickly and stubbly, and they often make the wearer the butt of many "teen-stache" {and other off-colour} jokes. Though I prefer a clean-shaven face to any other kind, the fact remains that I support Movember and all of the ubiquitous examples of unkempt and unattractive mustaches that it entails, as the whole mess is for a great cause.

In case you are unaware, Movember is a month-long mustache growing phenomenon. Men typically register their mustaches with an affiliated organization and gather pledges to either grow a mustache, or style their pre-existing mustache into a socially unacceptable style for the duration of the month. If you reside in Canada and would like to make a donation to this worthy cause, check out the Movember Canada website to make a donation or register your mustache to raise funds. And if you happen to be in Toronto next weekend, consider attending MoStock 2012: I personally know a few of the members of the band {Orbital Groove} that will be playing this event, and I can say with certainty that it will be epic!

For those of you male readers who are considering participation in this wonderfully hideous tradition but are concerned about lack of facial hair, looking silly, being itchy (which I hear is a common complaint), or any/all of the above, never fear! For those with apprehensions about participating in Movemeber - or growing a mustache in general - there is help: Check out The Mustache Grower's Guide. Happy hair growing!

Photo Credit: This & That

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