November 4, 2012

Pin of the Week: Winter Wear

It snowed for the first time this past week, but thankfully it didn't stay on the ground. I woke up on Friday morning and was so disappointed to see that my car - which I had stupidly forgotten to put into the garage - was covered in a very thin layer of soft flakes. I was even more disappointed when I turned my car on and flicked the windshield wipers to remove the flakes, only to have a horrendous scraping noise result, as the flakes had apparently glued themselves to my windshield. Obviously I was not impressed.

Part of my disappointment stemmed from the fact that I am just not ready for snow yet. I know that other parts of the country have had snow for weeks, as some of my Calgary friends have been giving me regular updates, but I didn't think that us Ontarians would be facing snow for at least another 6 weeks. And with any luck it would even be longer than that! I guess I should have been more prepared, as the weatherman keeps warning that we are in for a harsh winter, but I will admit that I am partially in denial... If there's no snow then it won't snow! So I am still trying to believe that the weatherman is wrong (which does happen a lot) and that despite what he says we will have a mild winter with minimal snow.

But obviously the fact that we already have snow and it's barely November means that I can't ignore the fact that a harsh winter is on the way. So my next best line of defence again the onslaught of snow that we are soon to receive is to get some cute winter wear. I figure that if I can be warm and look good it might remove the insult of the injury that is snow. I will admit that I have already given this some thought, as I actually pinned the above pin a few months back, just in case.

So now that the weather calls for mitts and a good hat, I am on the hunt for a good, durable matching set that looks good and doesn't make me look stupid. Which may be difficult to find, as I am NOT a hat person. But nonetheless I have accepted the fact that I need one, and I am trying to console myself by thinking that perhaps a hat may keep my hair from going frizzy when it comes into contact with the snow. The first place that I am going to search for the above-mentioned is at RW&CO, as my ever-frugal self has a gift certificate for the store. Someone else has told me that Joe Fresh also had good, chic hats and mitts last winter, so I will give them a check as well. Also, Smart Set is typically a reliable source for accessories, so they might have what I am looking for... I'll keep you updated with what I find.

Photo Credit: Make Fashion Easier

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