December 6, 2012

Battling My Alarm Clock

No matter how early I go to bed in the evening, I am always exhausted in the morning. Every morning I fight the snooze button for an extra five more minutes, and even if I get another precious few winks of sleep, I always feel like I have lost the battle because inevitably, I have to get up. And once I'm finally up and out of bed I realize that I have lost yet again; due to my precious few more minutes under the covers I am now in a rush in order to get to work at a reasonable time, and I probably won't have time to straighten my hair or have breakfast.

The fact that winter is here only compounds my hatred of my alarm clock and all that it represents. Not only is it so dark out that when the shrill beep sounds I can't see to put one foot out in front of the other, but it is so cold out that I don't even want to move my feet out from under the blankets. Let's be honest here: All I want to do is turn off the alarm, close my eyes, and let the warmth of my cocoon of blankets lull my back to sleep. But I can't do that, if I want to keep my job - and we all know how much I love my job. So I just have to grin and bear it, and continue to fight the good fight against my ever-annoying alarm clock. And in those precious extra five minutes that the snooze button provides, I'll be dreaming of Saturday morning...

Photo Credit: The Guardian UK

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